Saving childrenâ??s lives through a silent auction

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Having a child is one of the most cherished moments for any parent.

But in some cases in South Carolina newborns are dying because of improper sleeping conditions.

According to data released by the South Carolina Joint Citizens and Legislative Committee on Children, 188 child deaths were associated with unsafe sleeping arrangements.

The Childrenâ??s Trust of South Carolina wants to help decrease those numbers by offering a number of services to prevent child abuse, neglect and unintentional injuries.

â??Unbornâ??s have every little head control and so they can get caught in between the parents and the pillow. They can get caught with their face down on a mattress and not able to lift their head enough to breathe,â?? says Sue Williams, Executive Director of Children's Trust.

One program is called Safe Kids of South Carolina where parents can attend a class to learn more about newborn safety, proper sleeping habits and how to use a mobile sleeping device called pack and play.

For some parents, their financially unable to afford a crib or other necessities for a newborn.

The Childrenâ??s Trust is in partnership with Graco the company who produces the pack and plays.

The device can be used as a crib and a place to keep the baby anywhere with you.

Williams keeps stressing that parents should not allow newborns to sleep with them.

â??In adult beds you have pillows, comforters, you have blankets things that. The baby can get wrapped up in and certainly the weight of the parents, I hate to say it they roll over their baby and they donâ??t know it until morning," says Williams.

The Picasso Project benefit auction & gala is taking place Saturday August 18, 2012 at the Columbia Marriott.

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