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      Saving one life at a time by donating blood

      COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - Increasing the awareness of the countless tragedies encountered on the roadways is what Teresa Jones's plan was Wednesday afternoon.

      Partnering with the South Carolina Highway Patrol, Fuddruckers, and the American Red Cross, she's hoping through a personal tragedy, she can help save someone's life.

      "Roger Sandy is my son who died in a motorcycle accident and we're hoping that everyone will come out and donate some blood in his memory and the blood can be used for them or someone in their family," said Teresa Jones.

      Jones says the goal was to have 55 participants donate, with each pint of blood saving 3 lives.

      "The blood drive is very good for a good great cause, someoneâ??s family members may need blood," added Teresa.

      As an influx of travelers hit the roads for the holidays, a need of blood is a trend Lance Corporal David Jones with the South Carolina Highway Patrol says happens a lot around the holiday season.

      "We see an influx of crashes and with that the American Red Cross has an influx of blood usage. It's very important to us because this is something that we see happen on a daily basis where trauma patients are sent to the emergency room where blood is much needed," said Lance Corporal David Jones.

      AAA Carolinas is predicting that nearly half a million South Carolinians are expected to hit the road for the Independence Day holiday, the highest number in more than 13 years.