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      SC Aquarium offers a glimpse of Madagascar

      CHARLESTON, S.C. (WACH, AP) -- South Carolina residents can get a glimpse of Madagascar this without leaving the state.

      A new exhibit opens at the South Carolina Aquarium called Madagascar Journey. Visitors to the aquarium in Charleston will be able to see everything from ring-tailed lemurs and Nile crocodile to giant geckos and parrots.

      According to ABC News 4 in Charleston, A family of lemurs, a father and his three sons, have taken up residence in the brand new section of the aquarium.

      "The lemurs are adjusting really well and seem to love their new environment," said Public Relations Manager Kate Ditloff. Guests will be able to see just how well they are doing, too, by just "popping into" the exhibit.

      "We have a special 'pop-in' element for visitors to enjoy," said Ditloff. "In the middle of the exhibit, folks can crawl through and stick their head up into the exhibit through a special window."

      The exhibit, which will featire an interactive safari vehicle, passport stamping stations, and the "Mini-gascar" play area for kids, is being displayed in the aquarium's rotating gallery.

      The Madagascar exhibit opens Saturday and will be displayed for three years.

      Madagascar is home to 250,000 different species, and 70 percent of them are found nowhere else on Earth.

      (The Associated Press and WCIV contributed to this report.)