SC Highway Patrol wants you to stay off the roads

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Driving through downtown Columbia, it looks like a ghost town.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol says that a good thing.

But they say some motorists still are braving the treacherous conditions, even though they have been repeatedly advised not to.

"Please be careful. Stay home. We noticed that a lot of people's listening to us. They're staying off the road but for the little bit of traffic we have, we still see that we're having a lot of single car collisions where vehicles are sliding off the road or running into a ditch or into a guardrail. So we can't stress that enough - the importance of just staying home." says Lance Corporal David Jones from the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

And even though you may see some Department of Transportation trucks out and about, don't let it fool you into thinking the roads are safe.

"We don't want motorists to get a false sense of security that just because dot is plowing this road, and it looks passable, the road next to it may not be. We don't want people to subject themself to these bad conditions and get in a wreck or hurt themself." Jones states.

Because even though it may look like just snow covering the roads, the true danger lurks underneath.

"As we see driving through downtown Columbia, you notice that the roads are completely white. They're covered with what appears to be snow but when you get out of the car and look at it, it's actually a half an inch, or an inch, of ice. It's hard to walk on, much less drive. So as we go in tonight and the temperatures drop, i can only imagine that it's going to be that much more worse." concludes Jones.