SC law officers compete in bomb squad contest

Law enforcement officers often train for scenarios but hope they never face them. So, why not make that important training fun? If you consider running 100-years in our South Carolina muggy heat--while wearing a 70-pound suit.

There was an obstacle course and a bomb-suit relay. Events included in what law officers call, "The Bomb Squad Olympiad."

"We are practicing our X-Ray, we are practicing wearing the bomb suit, we are practicing hooking line," said Special Agent Doug Edmonson. "Those are all techniques we have to stay up on."

Edmonson is an FBI Bomb Squad Technician. He along with military officials and SWAT Team members are working side-by-side. Their goal: prepare for the unexpected and spark competition.

"This is kind of putting in a different slant, where you get the competitive juices going," said Edmonson.

Nearly 40 men from across South Carolina and Georgia participate in this intense competition. Edmonson says staying sharp, is vital.

"We've got to stay up on our skills and they are perishable skills," said Edmonson. "When we do get called out and go out on the street we know what we are doing. We don't have to fumble around and think; 'Okay how do I do this?' We know. It's automatic."

Ultimately making your safety automatic, too.

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and The Threat Management Group, hosted Wednesday's inaugural event.