SC lawmakers push for NJ Gov. to get into 2012 GOP race

Rep Crawford / Fraendy Clervaud

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Despite New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie saying he will not make a 2012 GOP presidential bid, South Carolina Republican lawmakers are publicly pushing him to run.

Ten GOP House members held a press conference Wednesday to encourage Christie to start campaigning.

Some legislators say the current field of candidates doesn't have a potential nominee with mass appeal.

Rep. Chris Crawford of Florence says he understands that Christie enjoys where he is but the country needs him.

The lawmakers hoping to draft Christie into the race say he is the right candidate who can win a deeply Democratic state and that he is willing to take on problems and speak his mind.

They also say they'll help get Christie a win in South Carolina's early primary.

Officials say Christie knew about Wednesday's press conference.

How do you feel about the current 2012 GOP presidential field of candidates? Does the party need a more appealing candidate?