SC State still facing financial woes

Columbia, S.C.(WACH)- South Carolina State Universityâ??s financial problems continue to attract attention as the university looks to put its troubles behind it.

The school was audited by the state 16 years ago. During the process, officials uncovered poor management left the school sensitive to theft and misuse of money.

Nearly two decades later, the university is still facing some of the same issues and administrators are taking steps to get things back in order.

Thursday, the executive committee of the school's board of trustees met to talk the schoolâ??s most recent financial audit which was conducted by state officials.

The groupâ??s plan is to hire an external auditing firm to help sort out the universityâ??s financial challenges.

The move comes at a time when SC State is under increased scrutiny. The recent resignation of President George Cooper followed a string of high profile firings and an internal investigation at the school.

Trustees are determined to do things by the book.

â??Everybody can say what their opinion is," said board member Tony Grant during Thursday's meeting. "But just because someone says something doesnâ??t mean that, thatâ??s the way it is. So I really would hope that we would move away from that.â??

Most agreed the school needs help reviewing its finances, however, there was debate over how the auditing firm was chosen. Board members were informed the firm had already been selected without being screened by the body's executive committee. Members decided to retroactively approve the move at a Friday meeting, noting they "can't change what has happened," and agreed, that in the future it is important they govern themselves according to university bylaws.

Doctor George Cooper resigned several weeks ago but is on the job until the end of the month. The SC State board of trustees meets again on Friday when they are expected to take up that issue.