SC unveils new, more secure driver's licenses

Gov. Mark Sanford and other state leaders unveil the new look of South Carolina driver's licenses.

IRMO, S.C. (AP) -- South Carolina driver's licenses are getting their first overhaul in 16 years.

Gov. Mark Sanford and officials from the Department of Motor Vehicles showed off the new licenses Thursday at the DMV office in Irmo.

Officials say the new licenses will include several new features to make it tougher to alter them or make a counterfeit copy.

"Today's announcement is the latest in a series of accomplishments on the part of the South Carolina DMV," Gov. Sanford said. "Since 2003, when the agency was placed in the Cabinet, DMV has become an important example of what accountability can accomplish in government. Among other achievements, DMV has reduced average wait times from 66 down to 15 minutes, provided a host of services online to both individuals and businesses, and decals and registrations can now be issued in 29 of South Carolina's 46 counties."

A Sanford spokesman says the changes will make South Carolina's licenses some of the most secure in the nation.

The state last changed its driver's licenses in 1994.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)