SCDOT crews monitor road conditions during cold weather

The SC Department of Transportation continues to monitor potential threats from cold weather.

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - The SC Department of Transportation continues to monitor potential threats from cold weather.

Robert Dickinson with DOT says even though snow has melted, temperatures are not warm enough to stop what has melted from refreezing, which can turn into black ice.

"We'll keep a few crews to operate spreaders,â?? said Dickinson.

Dickinson oversees the 1st district which includes the counties: Kershaw, Lexington, Richland, Sumter, and Lee. His crews began preparing for this week's winter storm on Monday.

"Everything seemed to work together with our plan to really minimize the impacts we had on our roads," said Dickinson.

According to the SC Emergency Management Division, DOT had more than 2,000 maintenance employees throughout the state for road clearing operations.

In addition, more than 10,000 tons of salt, 4,000 tons of sand, and 700,000 gallons of salt brine was spread on state roads.

The City of Columbia's Public Works department made very similar preparations. Crews there started stocking and checking equipment last November.

"We were a lot more effective by doing pre-planning," said Robert Anderson, Street Division supervisor.

Anderson tells WACH Fox that all of Columbia's public work resources were out on the roads. Supervisors and personnel were checking equipment as well to see if it was needed somewhere else versus where it was.

"We put all of our resources on plows we had and sand trucks we had," said Anderson.

While crews have prepared for all things during the storm, the SCDOT has asked if you see any black ice, to please contact your DOT county office.

Kershaw County: 803-432-4358

Lee County: 803-484-6236

Lexington County: 803-359-4103

Richland County: 803-786-0128

Sumter County: 803-778-5466