SCDOT crews work around the clock clearing the roads

RICHLAND COUNTY (WACH) -- It's like they do it everyday. The Department of Transportation has been plowing, salting and sanding the roadways as if South Carolina sees more snow than sun.

We try to prep them every year no matter if we get something or not, says SCDOT Assistant Resident Maintenance Engineer Sandra Riley.

According to Riley, crews practice worst case scenarios to prepare them for any type of weather.

Our priority here is the interstates, and we have done an excellent job I think, because all of them are open, Riley adds.

On Tuesday, trucks began driving along primary and secondary routes to clear away Mother Nature's mess.

I kind of enjoy it. It gives me a sense of purpose that we are helping the community and making the roadways safer, says SCDOT MA Supervisor Tyrone Hamilton.

Hamilton is one of 1,116 DOT employees working through the night using 762 pieces of equipment.

Crews have already spread 15,981 tons of salt, 6,130 tons of sand and 751,303 gallons of deicing chemicals throughout the state.

For now officials say supplies are not an issue, and hopefully by the next blast of winter weather, workers will be rested and ready to do it all over again.

I figure we got one more good one, Hamilton says.

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