SCDOT posting signs at high crash intersections

LEXINGTON COUNTY (WACH) - In 2008 the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) began a $2.5 million Intersection Safety Improvement initiative placing signs at 2200 intersections on state highways that are deemed high frequency, when it comes to crashes.

One of those signs is located at the intersection of Oak Drive and Highway 1 in Lexington County.

Ray Baughman has been selling boiled peanuts on the corner of the intersection and says he TMs never noticed the sign.

It must not be too evident if I haven TMt seen it, Baughman.However- Baughman said he has noticed several wrecks in the area.

"It TMs just a heavily congested area and people think it's a race track," said Baughman.

SCDOT Officials said they hope people will notice the signs and that they will ultimately save lives.

They also said the safety improvement project will be completed in 2012.Then in 2015 a study will be conducted to see the effectiveness of the signs.But according to Baughman he'd like to see more done.

"Bout the only thing they can do is lower the speed limit," said Baughman.