SCE&G preparing for the worst with forecasted ice storm

SCE&G says it will be ready for the worst with forecasted ice storm.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- SCE&G is taking steps to make sure it's prepared for the worse should the forecasted ice storm cause major problems.

A company official said Monday that crews it sent to the northeast to help with winter woes there have been brought back. In addition to that, about 140 contract lineman and other workers from utility companies across the Midwest are heading to South Carolina to assist local crews.

If and when the storm causes problems, crews will be working 24-7 until the weather threat passes. Officials say this is something they prepare for all year long.

"When you see our trucks in your neighborhoods during the summer now you know why, for events like this, because for an icing situation the thing that causes our customers to be out of power for the longest duration has to do with tree limbs," said Keller Kissam, President of Retail Operations for SCE&G.

Officials say the number one rule to follow should ice start wreaking havoc across the Midlands: stay away from downed power lines.