SCE&G Unveils New Nuclear Site Construction

It was a historic day in Fairfield County on Monday.

Officials with South Carolina Electric and Gas showed off the site for their two new nuclear reactors in Jenkinsville. It is the first in South Carolina in more than 25 years.

SCE&G Chief Nuclear Officer Jeff Archie said it will have plenty of benefits.

"It is clean energy. It is reliable energy. We have been able to demonstrate through the operation of our V.C. summer one plant, that we know how to do this. And we can do it very cost effectively."

"After several years of applications, the company finally received their construction and operating licenses last month. Groundbreaking began last Tuesday. Archie said now the next phase begins.

"You'll be able to start to see us do construction that equates to the vertical construction; to be able to pour concrete and build the foundations necessary for these plants."

The site is only one of two in the nation of its kind. It features one of the world's largest cranes. Both reactors will be owned and operated by state-owned utility Santee Cooper.

The impact affects Fairfield County in many ways, according to County Council Chairman David Ferguson Sr.

"If you look at the investment that these guys have out here, and are putting out here now, it has got to be a stamp of approval to folks who are looking to see if you are a viable candidate for them to come to your county."

The project will produce 3500 construction jobs and will add between 600-800 SCE&G employees. Over 1300 construction workers are already on site working on the lower bowl.

The first plant is expected to be up and running in March of 2017. The second will open in 2018.