Screening review over for judge Kenneth Goode

The judicial screening review of circuit court judge Kenneth Goode is now over. It warped up just before 10:00 Thursday night. The panel heard testimony to determine if Goode is capable of remaining on the bench. Now members will develop a report and present it to the House and Senate.

Last week he dropped out of consideration for re-election after criticism of two recent rulings. In both cases the defendants received probation instead of jail time.

One involving the day care worker accused of slapping a young child leaving her severely injured. K endra Gaddie is the seven-month-old Talisha Smith plead guilty to slapping last March. The child's brain hemorrhaged and she now has developmental problems. In December Goode sentenced Smith to five-years probation. That's something the Gaddie family is still fighting.

"M y child will now deal with ms. Smith's actions the rest of her life," says Michelle Gaddie. She says her daughter spent six days in intensive care and doctors told her Kendra's symptoms indicated shaken baby syndrome. A memory Gaddie tearfully recalled for the review panel, just as she did at Smith's sentencing hearing. But now Goode feels sufficient evidence wasn't submitted.

The judge agreed to take another look at the case; but immediately delayed the reconsideration hearing. Thursday he apologized to the Gaddie's if he offended them in any way. The family says they don't want an apology, they want justice.

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