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      Second chances inside a 'Store of Hope'

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Governor Nikki Haley touring the Store of Hope at the state Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) Monday afternoon.

      The store helps prepare young people for a job outside of the fence. The educational program teaches the teens job skills ranging from construction work to carpentry to graphic arts.

      "We make welders out of you, we make artists out of you and then we teach you how to cover materials and make love seats and wing chairs," said DJJ Director Margaret Barber.

      Barber says the Store of Hope is one of many ways her depatment is teaching teens life skills that will help keep them from landing on the wrong side of the law again.

      "We've not made a lot of money, but you know what, we've turned some kids around and some families around. It all starts in the community and it goes all the way to Columbia behind the razor wire," added Barber.

      Governor Haley seeing first hand what the Store of Hope offers, while continuing her state of the agencies tour.

      "We don't give up up on you after you make a mistake. We give you the opportunity to try and make it right. We give you the opportunity to try and see what a productive person you can be in the community," said Governor Haley.

      It is those kinds of second chances the Store of Hope is trying to deliver.