Sen. Lourie calls for DSS Director's resignation

Director Lillian Koller

COLUMBIA (WACH)-- There are new calls this morning for Governor Haley to fire Department of Social Services Director Lillian Koller.

State Senator Joel Lourie says DSS is breaking the law.

In particular, State Law governing how often case workers have to see victims of suspected child abuse.

Director Koller says the claims are politically motivated. â??I have been given a great opportunity to serve and Iâ??m going to use that opportunity to scream as loud as I possibly can until we affect change.â?? said Koller. â??Iâ??ve never seen such dysfunction, such disorganization as I see with DSS right now."

Governor Haley says that Senator Lourie can call for Director Kollerâ??s resignation every day until the November election.

â??Senator Lourie can call for Director Koller's resignation every day until the November election if he wants, since his motivation is so obviously political, but it won't change these facts: under her leadership child deaths are down 25 percent, adoptions are up 11 percent.â?? Says spokesperson Doug Mayer.

DSS has provided more services statewide than ever before. Governor Haley is proud of Director Koller and the work DSS is doing every day to better protect children and families and remains committed to seeing their progress and dedicated efforts continued.â??