Senate race rematch heating up in Lexington County

Senate race rematch heating up in Lexington County.

COLUMBIA (WACH)- Petition candidate Katrina Shealy making a final push to voters as election day is just around the corner. Shealy hoping the 2nd time is the charm in her quest to represent Lexington County. She says it's time for changes at the statehouse.

"It's time to get the good ol' boys out of the Senate and put someone there that's ready for some reform, that's ready to make changes," said Shealy.

While it's been a tough road this election for Shealy, she feels the hard work after being removed from the ballot is paying off and she's ready to get to work for the people.

"It's time we get some meaningful legislation passed in the Senate. I'm the conservative candidate that's going to support the other conservative Senators already there," added Shealy.

Incumbent Senator Jake Knotts questioning his challenger, saying she was against online giant Amazon coming to Lexington County.

Knotts adds under his watch he's brought better roads, a heart center and cash to help law enforcement protect citizens.

"I've been on the ground force for anything that was good for Lexington County since I've been there and I'll continue to. My people are not taking a back seat to nobody", Said Senator Jake Knotts.

Knotts says while fighting for the people of his district he's made some mistakes but he's learned from those, while his challenger has not.

"If I've done something wrong and I've done things wrong, I learn from my mistakes and that's something she does not do", Added Knotts.

However Shealy thinks "It's time we had a Senator that's representing South Carolina and Lexington County that's not going to embarrass us".

For both candidates it comes down to helping better Lexington.

"The Citizens of Lexington County are my focus. Have been my focus for 18 years. I have a perfect record of attendance in the Senate, because why? The people of Lexington County deserve it", said Senator Knotts.

"The issues are to big to ingore, so I want you to look at the candanites. Vote for the person not the party", said Shealy.

A battle that you can decide on November 6th.