Senator Tim Scott excited over progress in Lexington

South Carolinaâ??s newest senator in the Midlands Thursday touring Lexington and discussing some of the biggest issues facing the nation right now.

LEXINGTON (WACH) -- On the heels of his historic appointment to the U-S Senate Tim Scott making his way into the town of Lexington.

The senator spending Thursday learning about Lexingtonâ??s Unified Traffic and Vision Plan.

â??We find ourselves pretty excited about progress being made in Lexington County, the fantastic leadership, the way that the community is coming together supporting the objectives of the future,â?? says Senator Tim Scott.

A few things the plan focuses on beautification projects one at the I-20/Sunset Blvd Interchange.

The other along the main street which will also lead to better bike access.

â??Once the economy hopefully gets over this hump, we've seen some bright spots, this place will bust right open because everybody wants to be here,â?? says Randy Halfacre, Mayor of Lexington.

Senator Scott also taking the time to talk about the challenges he and colleagues face in Washington.

â??The story of the debt ceiling, fiscal cliff issues we thought it was over but guess what here we are again,â?? says Senator Scott.

He says the president's recent gun control proposals may have to be revisited.

"Anyone that thinks that we can use executive action to figure out the problems and jeopardize our standing on the second amendment, is going to have a huge challenge coming forward,â?? says Senator Scott.

And what about Senator Scottâ??s old congressional seat that's up for grabs?

â??Certainly there's going to be a lot of conversations around the former governor's candidacy. Thereâ??s going to be conversations around a couple of statehouse members. One thing Iâ??ve learned if nothing else is when you have all those folks running let the people decide,â?? says Senator Scott.

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