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      September was a quiet month, weather wise

      Climate stats for September 2013 at Columbia Metro.

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- September 2013 is in the books and it was drier and slightly warmer than average.

      Columbia Metropolitan Airport saw an average high temperature of 86.9F (+1.7) and an average low temperature of 65.5F (+1.8).

      The highest temperature measured was 95F on the fourth of the month. The lowest temperature was 54F on the last day of September. We saw 14 days with 90 or higher.

      After ending with the 5th wettest summer on record, Columbia Metro only received 2.04" of rain. That number is -1.50" below average for the month.

      However, for the year, we are +10.09" above average.

      September is the first month since March 2013 where we have had a deficit in the rain department for the month.

      As we head into October, we should start seeing some cooler temperatures.

      The average first frost date for Columbia Metro is October 25. The earliest day on record for a frost was 10/3/1974.

      For all of your fall forecasts, stay with the SkyWACH Weather Team.