Septic tank backup at Midlands animal shelter

Workers at Pets Inc. say a septic tank backup is putting their animals at risk.

COLUMBIA (WACH)-- A stinky situation at a Midlands shelter is putting animals are risk.

Pets Inc. in West Columbia is asking for the public TMs help repairing a busted septic system.

The no kill shelter needs $7,500 to replace the system. Until they can get it fixed, the shelter will continue to have the system drained every few days, which costs $800 each time.

Workers say the problem is putting their dogs TM health in jeopardy.

"We can't use our washing machines. The clinic where we spay and neuter, we can't wash the linens in there," said Michelle Elkins with Pets Inc. "It's making it unsanitary and making it harmful for our animals."

To help, Pets Inc. is offering reduced adoption fees for kennel dogs all month long.

Workers say they need your help to get the shelter back in working order. You can make donations online and by dropping them off or mailing them to the shelter.