Sequestration cuts could hurt senior citizens

George Miller, 93, of Columbia is able to live alone with the assistance of Meals On Wheels deliveries.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Last Friday Congress allowed sequestration to go into effect, setting the stage for cuts to agencies across the board.

Meals On Wheels, which delivers meals to senior citizens, is one program that would see substantial cuts.

The program is part of Senior Resources, which delivers about 600 meals per day in Richland County.

The program already has more than 100 people on its waiting list locally, but it is expecting a $100 thousand funding decrease over-all once sequestration cuts go into effect.

"We've used all of our emergency funding money to keep people on the program," said Annie Eveleigh with Senior Resources. "The worst thing that we can do is to have someone on, then tell them that we have to take them off when they're depending on that meal."

Meals On Wheels coordinators are still waiting to see when the funding cuts will happen, but they say low-income seniors cans still get the daily food they need if the community steps in with private donations.