Service dogs help children who have seizures

Crafty K9s in Irmo trains service dogs for children with severe medical problems.

Irmo, S.C. (WACH) - Some crafty canines are finding new homes, but they aren't your typical house pets. These special pups are trained to save lives.

Temple Anderson has a special place in her heart for mans best friend after her experience with a service dog that helped her son during violent seizures.

Anderson now helps train service dogs for other children after losing her son Ashton last April.

â??When we lost him my heart went out and this is where I was, this is where I wanted to be."

Anderson experienced more tragedy when Ashtonâ??s service dog â??Leesieâ?? passed away.

"She was depressed and she gave up, her job was done, and they know that."

Those losses served as an inspiration to Anderson. She truly knows the difference these dogs make in childrenâ??s lives.

"The sniffing the licking the kissing that they do to help the chIld through the seizure its just amazing."

Dog trainer Murray Craft gave Leesie to Anderson. He works with the dogs then pairs them to the right child.

"The key to this is finding the right connection which is what weâ??re doing today, screening some clients and dogs and trying to make that match that's the key."

The match he made with Leesie and the Andersons proves the time he invests in these pups is well worth it.