Service Unavailable: A Smartphone Intervention - Day 2

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Just minutes after posting last night's blog recapping my first day without my cell phone I had the biggest hurdle in this experiment yet.

As I was packing up to leave work I had no idea how much of a struggle the next hour would be. The instant I told everyone in the newsroom goodbye, I found myself patting my pocket thinking I was forgetting my cell phone. Soon after I realized how funny that was and after a good laugh I headed to the elevator. Within a minute of that I found myself standing at the elevator door going through the same motions.

I walked out of the building alarmed at how dependent on my smartphone I've become. As I got in my car, I reached for my phone to send a few text messages and make a call. I couldn't.

This was quite an eye opener and actually gave me a little scare. I'd have to wait to get home to send an email, but I don't have a land line so the call would have to wait. Sorry mom. It was apparent I was in over my head.

After that, I was off to check out a gym I'm considering signing up for. I knew the street and the general area where it was located, but not it's exact location. I drove up and down the block three times before finding it. Before, when I had my phone which was equipped with GPS, I wouldn't have wasted so much time.

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Once I was home near the comfort of my laptop things went a little more like normal. That is, until the next morning when I woke up, or should I say when I didn't wake up. I didn't set an alarm the night before because my phone is set to wake me up when I need to. Well not today. On the plus side, I woke up well rested but kind of confused.

So now to give myself a reminder not to freak out when I feel an empty right-front pocket in my jeans I've started carrying around a notepad and pen to fill that void. It also helps me remember the things I would have normally done right away when I had my phone.

On another note, I'm not looking forward to checking text messages and voicemails when I get my hands on my Droid next Monday. I left a new voicemail greeting telling people about this experiment, but despite knowing that, co-workers still call to leave a message they know I won't get until that wonderful day.

Bottom line: the biggest lesson from the past 24 hours is that I take my phone, and all the things it can do, for granted. It makes my life so much easier.

Do you take your mobile device for granted? Could you give it up for a week or would you consider trying it to prove you're not addicted like me? Leave a comment to enter the discussion below.

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