Sexually oriented businesses will be subject to new regulations

Taboo store on Devine Street / Photo by Fraendy Clervaud

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) -- Sexually oriented businesses will soon be subject to new rules regarding their location and conduct of business in the City of Columbia.

If they can be moved to an area such as the industrial area than I think that would be an equitable situation for the business owners and the neighborhoods, says Doug Neal, Concerned Resident.

Under the new ordinance, businesses must now locate at least 750 feet from any place of worship or day care or school. All such businesses must also apply for permits and submit to routine inspections from the city.

"Seven hundred feet seems to be the distance that we feel from a legal standpoint that would be defensive able in court, says Ken Gaines, City Attorney.

The change in regulations was brought about after an adult store located in an old fast food restaurant on Devine Street. The store, known as Taboo, met existing regulations, but complaints by citizens to City Council led to council drafting new guidelines.

The vote by council was unanimous. According to Mayor Steve Benjamin the new ordinance is effective immediately.

Click here to read the new ordinance.

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