Shark steals anglers catch

The description of the video is simple, "Shark Attack!" But the attack is not what one might expect.

Note: The video above contains strong language.

COLUMBIA (WACH) - A video that is said to have been taken in Myrtle Beach brings a shocking new meaning to "the one that got away."

The video, titled "The one that got away! / shark bait," had almost 4,000 likes on YouTube Wednesday afternoon. Thursday morning, the video had more than 1.5 million views and almost 14,000 likes.

The description of the video is simple, "Shark Attack!"

But the attack is not what one might expect.

The video begins with two people fishing on a dock in the rain. The female in the video is reeling in what seems to be a relatively large catch.

The male is first seen looking over the dock to possibly see what she has on her line. He then walks over to the woman as she continues to work on reeling in the fish.

As the fish comes into view, just under the surface of the water, the man places a net toward the water.

Just as the woman's snared fish broke the surface of the water - Shark Attack!

In seconds a large shark broke through the water, snatched the fish and disappeared.

The group collectively screams in surprise, "It's a shark!"

The man shooting the video says, "It's on your pole baby, keep reeling." Then he realized the moment he had just captured.

"I got that on camera!" said the man taking the video with an excited "Woo!"

The video ends with the man on the deck showing his friend his mangled fishing line.

WPDE NewsChannel 15, a sister station of WACH Fox, caught up with the group that took the video Wednesday afternoon. William Moore of Franklinton, NC was filming his fiance Sarah Brame catching her first fish when a large Bull shark swooped in and snagged the Red Drum she was reeling in.


We couldn't believe how it actually happened

," Moore told WPDE. "

We keep watching the video over and over and over again.


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How would you react if this happened to you?