Sheheen releases new campaign ad

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Democratic candidate for Governor, Vincent Sheheen released a new televised state-wide campaign ad.

"My campaign will begin running this new commercial to point out the real Nikki Haley," Sheheen said at a press event Tuesday. He traveled across South Carolina to announce the release.

The ad marks a change in tone for the campaign. It is the first time we saw Sheheen so aggressive in campaign ads.

Sheheen said, it does not mark a new strategy in his campaign, because he has been pointing out the differences between himself and Haley the whole campaign.

The Haley campaign fired back. In response to the new "negative TV ad," Campaign Manager, Tim Pearson said, "with six weeks left in this race, and trailing badly in the polls, liberal trial lawyer Vince Sheheen has run out of things to say about his own vision for South Carolina, so he's decided to go negative on Nikki Haley."

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