Sheriff Lott: "I'll support the City in whatever decision they make."

Sheriff Leon Lott

COLUMBIA (WACH) â?? During his Press Conference, Sheriff Leon Lott says if need be, he would take over the Columbia Police Department.

â??If something needs to be done, then Iâ??ll do it.â?? Says Sheriff Lott.

Lott says the answer has always been the same for him in regards to whether or not he would run the Columbia Police Department.

â??Iâ??ll support the city in whatever decision they make.â?? Says Lott. â??I donâ??t know the particulars of how it will work, they would have to make the decision if theyâ??re going to do it."

Lott says he is willing to run CPD if itâ??s done on the right circumstances.

â??If thatâ??s what the citizens of Columbia want, Iâ??m not going to turn my back on them.â??

The Sheriff goes on to say that this isnâ??t something that heâ??s gone to the Columbia Police Department about, and that CPD has always approached him about the situation.

Lott also plans to run for Sheriff again. â??I need a plan; Iâ??m going to run again. As long as the voters of Richland County continue to vote me in as Sheriff, Iâ??ll continue to do it.â??

If given the chance to run Columbia Police Department, Sheriff Lott says that he would manage it and lead it in the same manner as he does the Sheriffâ??s Department. Lott adds that a sign of success would be his management of the Sheriffâ??s Department for 18 years.

â??If it was turned over to me, I would run the agency the way it needs to be run.â?? Says Lott.