Sheriff's department offers local merchants crime prevention tips

RCSD warns business owners to be careful during holiday season


Sheriff Leon Lott stated that every 60 seconds in the Unites States 250 armed robberies occur and 249 of them are for less than $100. Sheriff Leon Lott and the Richland County Sheriffâ??s Department want you and your business to feel safe this Holiday Season. The Sheriff is asking everyone to make the difference this holiday season and donâ??t become the victim of a crime. Sheriff Leon Lott is asking everyone to take the smallest of opportunities away from the criminals.

  • Limit access to work areas

  • Know how to report problems

  • Report threatening/suspicious activity immediately

  • Have electronic access control

  • Use silent alarms

  • Install metal detectors

  • Install and maintain video

  • Improve lighting and visibility

  • Have us conduct FREE Security Surveys

  • To reduce or minimize the risk of your becoming a victim of armed robbery, there are some basic steps you can take:

    Before a robbery:

  • Train to be alert to your surroundings; a good witnesses and involved citizen

  • Evidence Collection Equipment (Cameras, Smooth surfaces, Height Tape)

  • Have Policy and Procedures (closing, money handling, hiring and firing)

  • During a robbery:

  • Assure the Criminal that you will give them what they want

  • Announce your actions and movements

  • Have a plan

  • Be good witness and be passive

  • Survive

  • 7 Steps After a robbery:

  • Lock the doors

  • Sound the alarm/911

  • Verify all employees are safe

  • Preserve the crime scene

  • Ask customers to stay

  • Fill out suspect ID sheet

  • Pat yourself on the back-you survived

  • Report ALL suspicious activity immediately to 911.
    To take advantage of the free safety training and services the Department has to offer by calling the Community Action Team at 803-576-3191