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      Shootout at Columbia apartment complex critically injures 4 year old

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- This surveillance video shows one half of what police are calling a shootout at Columbia's Colony Apartments.

      People are hiding behind buildings and a person jumping around with what appears to be a gun.

      Investigators say a group of people were exchanging fire with a silver dodge charger and a stray bullets hit a four year old girl who was watching tv.

      "Very angry at the fact that individuals these street thugs would decide to such an act in broad daylight," said Interim Columbia Police Chief Ruben Santiago.

      "All you heard was a 1,000 gun shots," adds neighbor Jabri Simmons.

      Simmons lives in the colony apartments and heard the shots outside his back door Monday.

      Simmons grabbed his girlfriend and hit the floor.

      "You better get down a bullet don't have no name man... And see how a 4 year old got hit," said Simmons.

      Santiago says there are several tools officers use to fight crime at the Colony Apartments.

      The area is heavily patrolled and has surveillance cameras to help deter criminals.

      However, Santiago says even with all those tools they still need the community to track down the bad guys.

      "We need to create an environment where suspects or criminals or street thugs who are thinking about doing something won't because this community won't tolerate it," adds Santiago.

      Simmons says he won't tolerate living there any more.

      "This is not a place to raise no kids at all. I got a baby on the way I'm trying to get up outta here as soon as possible, it's not no way to live," concludes Simmons.

      If you recognize the men in the video or the car investigators need your help.

      They say any bit of information can help and urge you to call crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC