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      Six-year-old cancer patient gets wish of seeing Justin Bieber

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- A six-year-old Justin Bieber fan with brain cancer got a dream-come-true birthday celebration Monday. Jamiya Pendergrass had an early birthday made for a real "belieber" thanks to the charity Children's Chance.

      The organization brought Jamiya and her family up from Charleston for the Justin Bieber concert. Their stay at the Courtyard Marriot included a celebration with balloons, a mascot, and Justin Bieber birthday cake. Then they rode on a trolley to the concert where organizers planned for Jamiya to meet Bieber himself.

      "It means so much to me," said Jamiya's mom Brittney. "It means so much to her -- all that she's been through -- so being that she gets to come out here and, you know, she's a fan, and being able to see Justin Bieber is amazing."

      Jamiya's mother says doctors discovered the brain tumor back in January, and it disabled her ability to walk and talk. Jamiya's mother says her cancer has improved, allowing her to walk and talk again.

      "We're not too sure how long she's gonna be with us," said Kyle Nunn with Children's Chance. "Her birthday is coming up the 24th of this month, and we just want to do something special for her and her family and take her to this concert. She's a big Belieber -- I guess that's how you say it -- and she's really looking forward to the concert."