Small Kershaw community fed up with drug dealers

Police have raided the community of Dixonville 3 times in the past month, arresting several people on drug charges.

Elgin, S.C. (WACH) - Keisha Tucker recently moved back to the Dixonville area of Kershaw County to help her mom, whoâ??s battling bone cancer.

She says she didn't realize she was moving back into the middle of a drug battle between police and neighborhood trouble makers.

"For us to come outside and see the cops driving around all the time, it's frightening.â??

Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews says he was aware of the drug problem in this small community before taking office last year.

"That place has a history of drug activity and a place where people take stolen property and trade it in for crack cocaine."

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Kershaw County nabs four drug suspects in Dixonville area

Kershaw County deputies nab four in drug raid near Elgin

Kershaw County deputies raid area known for drug activity

In the past two weeks his deputies arrested 8 people on possession or distribution of crack cocaine or marijuana. All of this activity taking place within a few hundred yards of an elementary school.

"Paying a bail bondsman for getting your freedom so you can sell more drugs, itâ??s like overhead,â?? adds Matthews. â??We pay for electricity; part of their overhead is bonds."

Tucker, a substitute teacher, says she can't believe these people would choose a life of crime. She wants to earn a degree in criminal justice so she can make a positive impact on her community.

"I would like to change the minds, and the way people think, because a lot of people don't understand the law, that's why they misinterpret it, because they don't have the true understanding of what it means."

In the meantime, Tucker wants to help start a neighborhood crime watch to establish order and peace in Dixonville.