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      Small knives, hockey sticks among items to be allowed in carry-on bags

      Small knives will be allowed on carry-on bags starting April 25.

      COLUMBIA (WACH / AP) - Small knives, hockey sticks and golf clubs are among items that will soon be allowed in airline passengers' carry-on bags.

      According to the Transportation Security Administration, the decision to allow previously banned items is part of an overall "Risk-Based Security approach, which allows TSA officers to better focus their efforts on finding higher threat items such as explosives."

      The following items will be allowed in carry-on bags beginning April 25:

      - Small Pocket Knives â?? Small knives with non-locking blades smaller than 2.36 inches and less than 1/2 inch in width will be permitted- Small Novelty Bats and Toy Bats- Ski Poles- Hockey Sticks- Lacrosse Sticks- Billiard Cues- Golf Clubs (Limit Two)

      These similar items will still remain on the prohibited items list:

      - Razor blades and box cutters will remain prohibited in carry-on luggage.- Full-size baseball, softball and cricket bats are prohibited items in carry-on luggage.