Snapchat bathroom video of GCHS student leads to charges, possible lawsuit


GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) — Berkeley County School District officials have responded to a possible lawsuit after a student sent video of another student using the bathroom over Snapchat.

"The District cannot comment on potential litigation and will continue to cooperate with law enforcement regarding any investigation," their statement read.

Police were called to Goose Creek High School for what they called a case of voyeurism on school property.

According to a GCPD police report, police were called when a girl said another girl "climbed over the bathroom stall and began to video her with a cellphone while she was sitting down using the bathroom."

The girl asked the student to stop and asked if the video was being shared. The student reportedly said no but the victim later learned it had been shared on Snapchat.

Officials said the principal was able to copy the video for evidence and confirmed that "no private parts" were visible.

The student told police "she did it as a joke and did not mean to hurt or embarrass her friend." She was suspended from school and charged with voyeurism.

Attorneys for the 16-year-old victim demand steps be taken to enforce Goose Creek High School's cell phone policy.

In a statement they say Goose Creek High School's website still lists the cell phone policies of the previous school year which prohibits even the possession of cell phones during the school day. They say that's proof of the custom and culture regarding cell phone recordings at the school.

"In speaking with various students, parents and faculty members this week, it cannot be disputed that unauthorized cell phone use by students during the school day is the custom and culture at Goose Creek High School, which can only be attributed to the actual or tacit approval of the entire administration, and specifically, Principal Jimmy Huskey, since deviating from the policies, procedures, and rules requires prior permission from the principal himself. In speaking with the School Resource Officer assigned to GCHS, I am confident that we can prove the school was on actual notice of students’ habitual use of cell phones to record daily events, and further, that the use of cell phones to record students, teachers and faculty has become so customary that it is considered condoned by the Principal himself."

They say they'll file a lawsuit if actions aren't taken by next Wednesday.

BCSD Letter by Sandra Ecklund on Scribd

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