Sober man so sick he smelled drunk

Nick Hess

COLUMBIA (WTTE/WACH)-- Nick Hess was so sick that even when he was sober, he looked and smelled drunk.

"I couldn't move. I couldn't get off my couch," Hess told ABC6/FOX28. His wife said it looked like he was drunk and, even though he was sober, he smelled of alcohol.

For three years, Nick went to three specialists who couldn't diagnosis his condition. Finally, he heard of Dr. Anup Kanodia's approach to medicine and made an appointment.

Dr. Kanodia, a graduate of Northeast Ohio Medical University, diagnosed Nick with "excessive yeast."

"He had 400% the normal amount of yeast in his gut," he said. "Whenever he would eat pasta or bread, the yeast in there - the sugar would feed it. He was fermenting enough the he was drunk to blow positive on a Breathalyzer.

"He was vomiting, two times a day and dry-heaving ten to twelve times a day," said Dr. Kanodia.

Nick's case is rare.

Dr. Kanodia admits this research and treatments are not yet mainstream in the medical world, but believes with time, more doctors will accept it.

"With the amount of carbs we are eating, the amount of sugars we are eating, this is fuel for yeast," Dr. Kanodia said.

Nick changed his diet to reduce sugary foods and now focuses primarily on grass-fed beef and leafy green vegetables.

"I feel great," said Nick.