Some Columbia police officers say low pay is major concern

COLUMBIA (WACH) - With all the discussion about amping up security in Five Points, Columbia police officers are being called into action.

But some officers are speaking up and saying they already are working extreme hours and are not being compensated for their loyalty to the Columbia Police Department.

The issue of pay is now taking center stage and some officers are speaking out and saying something needs to be done.

"We have officers that are on EBT-government assistance. You're out there every day putting your life on the line and you have to basically put your pride aside and ask for assistance because you're not being compensated at the job that you do so well. That's something that has to change." says Joseph Czeladko, the president of the Columbia chapter of the Police Benevolent Association.

Mayor Steve Benjamin told WACH Fox today he is very aware of the issue of pay within the Columbia Police Department and plans to make the issue a priority moving forward.