Sometimes the job search means turning to a crystal ball

COLUMBIA (WACH)â??Not unlike the stock market, finding a job may be more about looking at trends and future positions rather than the ones that are printed in the classified ads today.

According to the Richland County Public Library Job Centerâ??s Lori Cook, jobs searches ending in success including researching new career fields and â??what is coming next.â??

The SC Department of Commerce, Cook says, has a second on their website titled â??Newsroom,â?? which has postings about companies that are expanding to the area. These notices often include the number of jobs they potentially could create, and early application options.

Cook cites a recent article that shows 10 job fields that have all seen a growth of over 30 percent in the last year. Included on the list:

Software engineer â?? up 74 percent

Customer service up 50 percent

Social media manager up 48 percent

Video editor up 36 percent

Chef / cook up 36 percent

The Richland County Public Libraryâ??s Job Center offers free employment resources, including resume building, interview skills, and computer training, all free of charge. You can get more information at the library website.