Sorting gifts for special Angels this Christmas

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Toys are literally coming in by the truck load at a magical warehouse on the State Fairgrounds.

The Salvation Army is working feverishly to bring in all the toys that have been donated across the Midlands.

And it looks like they will need every bit of the upcoming two weeks to get everything sorted out.

There are 2,000 boxes currently lining the tables, each of which represents one family that will receive presents and food from the Salvation Army this Christmas.

Each box has a label telling the Salvation Army exactly what each adopted child, or "Angel", would like for Christmas.

"We see that this family has a family of five children. Some of the Christmas wishes were a cd player, makeup, earring set, a nail set, a watch..." says Major Roger Coulson from the Salvation Army of the Midlands as he reads the label on one of the boxes.

And the lists give Santa's helpers a leg up to ensure the child gets just what they want under the tree.

"The volunteers really enjoy having this kind of list because this is what we printed on each of the Angels because when they go shopping for the children, it makes them feel really special knowing they're picking something the child really wanted or something they didn't already have." explains Coulson.

Volunteers like Renee Dooley, who is part of the volunteer group from Lexington Medical Center that is helping to begin the sorting process.

"It is a pleasure to be out here because it's that time of year. We want to give back. We want to help others and as we are so fortunate, what a great way to remember those that maybe need a little help this year and help them out as they're trying to make Christmas special for their children." Renee tells WACH.

And with the outpouring of support from the Midlands community so far, it looks like it will indeed be a very special Christmas for some very special girls and boys.