South Carolina servicemen salute moms

Sgt. Mark Musselman sends a special Mother's Day message to his family from Afghanistan.

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Mother's Day will be even more special for a few South Carolina families this year.

Servicemen stationed across the globe in Afghanistan were able to send a special message to their mothers, wives, and children.

The men sent "love you, miss you" Mother's Day messages to their families, "all of the mothers out there in America," and "all of the mothers around the world."

"As Mother's Day approaches, I'd like to express my particular gratitude to all mothers and grandmothers in our military family. Mother's Day is a day to celebrate the extraordinary importance of mothers in our lives and the lives of this nation. America's mothers have shaped our values, and they have taught us all the meaning and importance of making sacrifices to give our children a better life," said U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

The Friday before Mother's Day is also a special day for military families.

Panetta says, "America's military spouses are a key part of what makes our armed services the strongest in the world. All Americans should be grateful for the support they offer to our heroes in uniform. The love and encouragement our service members get from their spouses helps our military to fulfill its mission of protecting this country. For that reason, we celebrate today as Military Spouse Appreciation Day."

Cpl. Michael Wells of Silver wraps up his message in eloquent South Carolina style, "Happy Mother's Day. I love y'all and miss y'all."