South Carolina teen unemployment second highest in the nation

While overall unemployment is going down in the state, teen unemployment continues to rise.

According to the Employment Policies Institute, South Carolina ranks second in the nation in unemployment among teenagers at 31.2 percent. The national average is 25 percent.

Analysts say summer employment has more competition with adults looking for jobs in the tough economy; meaning less opportunities for high school students.

Carrie Powell with the Midlands Workforce Center says there is plenty of help to give teenagers a head start.

"We have something called WIA Youth. It works for people ages 17-21. They can come into that program as long as they are eligible, get a case manager where they can start working on their resume, work on interviewing skills, go through post secondary education, even working on getting their G.E.D," said Powell

Students can also look at Job Corps for assistance. To learn more about the WIA Youth program, click here.