South Congaree police discover meth lab in parked van

Clyde Ostrander

SOUTH CONGAREE (WACH) - South Congaree Police have arrested seven people after discovering a meth lab inside a parked van.

Officers say while they were at a call for loud music they discovered items used to make meth in a van next to a garage.

Police said two men outside the garage were acting suspiciously and when they went inside the discovered several people hiding.

Officers say they arrested 47 year-old Guy Chaney, 36 year-old Clyde Ostrander, 63 year-old Freddie Chaney, 36 year-old Brian Kemmerlin, 35 year-old Rosa Jackson, 33 year-old Amanda Hanners and 32 year-old Timothy Reason for improper disposal of methamphetamine, manufacturing meth and criminal conspiracy.

South Congaree Police called Lexington County Deputies to help with the investigation.

Deputies confirmed that the meth was actively being cooked in the van.

Investigators obtained a search warrant to search the garage apartment and discovered drug paraphernalia and an AR15 assault weapon.