Spring means busy time of year for allergists

Photo Credit: Sara Jane Harris

WEST COLUMBIA (WACH) - Spring is one of the most beautiful times of year, but if you suffer from allergies it can also be one of the most miserable.

Midlands Allergist Dr. Dewitt Coleman says its a busy time of year for his practice.

"We do get a lot of patients calling this time of year," said Coleman.

Right now Coleman says he sees anywhere from 18 to 25 patients a day.The allergist says we are in the midst of the tree pollen season, which begins in late February and eases in mid-April.While some day are worse than other for allergy sufferers, Coleman says a lot of it depends on the weather.

"The hotter and the dryer the weather, the higher the pollen count will climb. On some of our cooler, rainier and wetter days, we have a little bit lower pollen count," Coleman said.

On those warm, high pollen count days Coleman says there are plenty of things you can do for relief, like keeping the windows closed to keep the pollen out, and bathing after going outside. But if that doesn't work, Coleman says medicine can be your best friend.

"Over the counter tablets, antihistamine tablets, decongesting tablets, mucus ending tablets, as well as over the counter eye-drops, can help reduce the symptoms of pollen exposure," Coleman said.

And Coleman says if you are ever in doubt, the best solution is to see an allergist. If you would like to check the allergy forecast in your area, click here .