Start saving early for your financial future

"Young professionals can make a lot of money but it just flows through their hands like sand," said Kevin Skipper.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- "Young professionals can make a lot of money, but it just flows through their hands like sand," said Kevin Skipper.

Skipper is a financial adviser and while he helps people at all points in life, h

e says many young professionals are spending too much money.

"Make a decision that I'm going to save and start small - maybe one percent of your pay check, two percent of your paycheck - but make a commitment to save," said Skipper.

Skipper says young professionals should be aiming to save about 10 to 15 percent of their income.

However, he says a lot of people go overboard when making large purchases that can impact their financial future.

"Young professionals buy too much house, too much car, which squeezes their ability to save and squeezes their long term saving goals," adds Skipper.

"Comparison shop particular if it's something that's rate based, like a car loan or a mortgagee loan," said Audrey Brown with All South Federal Credit Union.

- Always save a percentage of your income.

- Put money in to a 401k, some employers match your saving each year and that's free money.

- Set goals each year, make sure they're measurable.

- Pay attention to financial matters and write them down.ã??

"It's okay to save for a while, it's okay to not dine out at the best restaurant every night, take some time make it at home save some money," adds Brown.

"Write goals down each year step by step, you can look back over your years and you'll see financial progress...but putting your head in the sand in denial is not a good financial strategy," said Skipper.