Starved, abused and used as bait, rescued dog now looking for a home

Battered and used as bait for dogfighting, Braveheart is now doing well and looking for a home.

COLUMBIA (WACH)-- A dog, starved and believed to have been used as bait for fighting is getting another chance.

Some good samaritans found the dog, now named Braveheart, in downtown Columbia this weekend.

They took him to Pets Inc. where workers determined heâ??d been use to help train dogs to fight.

Workers say his former handlers ground his teeth down so he wouldnâ??t be able to defend himself from dogs pitted against him.

They also found bite marks all over him and raw flesh on his neck from a chain that was too tight on him. Heâ??s also 20 pounds underweight.

Despite all the terrible things Braveheart has been through, he still has a kind, gentle spirit and is looking for a home.

Braveheart is officially up for adoption at Pets Inc. Workers there have really fallen for him and hope he finds a loving family.