State jobless rate climbs again to 10.9 percent

South Carolina officials are scheduled to announce the state's latest unemployment figures.

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WACH) -- The state's adjusted unemployment rate rose from 10.5 percent in June to 10.9 percent in July.

The increase in the number of people moving to the state, combined with a significant increase in new graduates flooding the job market in search of first-time careers has let to the growth of South Carolina's labor force.

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South Carolina's jobless numbers have consistently outpaced the national rate, which was 9.2 percent in June. The state hit 10.5 percent that month, the fifth-highest in the nation.

As people hear about job announcements in South Carolina, they are re-entering the labor force searching for employment opportunities, said John Finan, executive director of the SC Department of Employment and Workforce.

While the unemployment rate ticked up this month, it is a promising sign that those people once discouraged about seeking work are now joining the labor force. However, competition in the state is tough as there are currently more job seekers than job openings. We feel confident as the number of new job announcements come to fruition; our state unemployment rate will again begin to trend down.

Trey Walker, deputy chief of staff for Governor Nikki Haley, released this statement:

The governor is very concerned about our unemployment numbers, and absolutely committed to focusing on resolutions that will bring that number down and put South Carolinians back to work, things like workforce training, job expansion, and business recruitment.

The state TMs labor force grew by approximately 4,100 from June to July, which is the largest increase this year.