State officials are talking trash

Environmental justice is in the works for the Palmetto State. One federal grant will soon go to help several communities fight pollution.

"We're looking to get some of the grant funds into those communities that feel as though, throughout time they have been left behind," said Adam Myrick.

Myrick is with the State Department of Health and Environmental Control. He says the money will help fight everything from air to ground pollution in some of the hardest hit areas.

"What we're hoping these projects will assist in, is bringing them along and improving some of the area's of concern," said Myrick.

"A lot of people just think trash is annoying, but it really creates a feeling of being unsafe" said Sarah Robinson.

Robinson is with the Palmetto Pride, and says creating cleaner communities builds a healthier sense of pride. Robinson calls the grant a win-win situation.

"People don't understand how expensive it is for our county governments, our state governments, to employ people to clean up," said Robinson. "It really is far more than our tax dollars can cover, so this is a tremendous help."

South Carolina is one of only five states chosen to receive a share of the $800,000 grant.

Officials are hopeful the cleanup effort will be sweeping success, and will offer residents a cleaner and greener environment.

State officials hope the grant serves as a new pledge to an old problem.