State officials push earthquake preparedness

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- It's Earthquake Awareness Week across South Carolina.

Back in 1886, the biggest earthquake to hit the East Coast rocked Charleston with a 7.3 magnitude.

The state experiences more than 20 measurable quakes each year.

Officials take the chance to remind residents that an earthquake can be more devastating than a hurricane because they're unpredictable.

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Derrec Becker with the state's Emergency Management Division says that preparation is the best defense against an earthquake.

"An earthquake could happen five minutes from now, and we could have no way of knowing it's coming," explains Derrec Becker with SCEMD. "It could happen tomorrow. It could happen the day after tomorrow. What we're telling people to do is plan and prepare and really think about. Not worry about it, per say, but keep it in the back of your mind and prepare for it."

A statewide earthquake drill will be taking place Wednesday morning at schools to help students prepare for the emergency.

Check out the SCEMD's interactive earthquake guide for more.