State Representative: Richland County Elections Director resigns

He said, she said. Did McBride resign?

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Richland County Election Director Lillian McBride has resigned according to one Richland County legislative delegation member.

According to Rep. Todd Rutherford, McBride's resignation is effective January 8.

John Nichols, McBride's attorney, would not confirm the resignation or comment on her status with Richland County.

McBride tells WACH Fox in an email that she has not resigned.

The news comes just two days after

Richland County Elections Board Chairman Liz Crum stepped down


"I have read the reports, I observed election day and in my mind after extreme soul searching I no longer have confidence personally in Lillian McBride's ability to manage the office, therefore, I cannot serve any longer as Chairman," said Crum.

McBride has been repeatedly criticized for the poor handling of the November 6, 2012 elections.

Sen. John Courson said that as far as he knows McBride has not submitted her resignation to the delegation.

A report investigating problems with the election showed the county sent out hundreds fewer voting machines than legally required. Some people waited in line for five hours or more to vote. The final ballots in Richland County weren't cast until after midnight Election Day.

Rep. Joe McEachern says the Legislative Delegation was informed Wednesday that McBride would resign. Then she put out a statement saying she would not.

"[The delegation] doesn't have [a resignation] in writing, and I would love to see one," said McEachern. "For the sake of the citizens of Richland County and the integrity of the election process, I would love to see [the resignation] immediately."

Richland County attorney Steve Hamm is still working to uncover what exactly went wrong. Hamm expects to have the complete examination after the first of the year.

Rep. Joe Neal tells WACH Fox the Legislative Delegation met Wednesday and received some information, but were asked not to talk about it.

McBride released the following statement Wednesday afternoon:

Dear valued members of the press:

This is to inform you that I have not submitted my resignation to the Board of Elections and Voter Registration or to the members of the Richland County Legislative Delegation.

Any discussion of this is entirely premature and erroneous.


Lillian McBride

Executive Director of Richland County Elections and Voter Registration