State to test tornado warning system Tuesday

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- As February comes to an end and March begins, we are reminded that severe weather season has returned to the Midlands. In fact, this week is Severe Weather Awareness Week for South Carolina. This makes it a great time to be sure you know what to do in the event severe weather strikes where you live!

On Tuesday, March 1 there will be a statewide tornado drill at 9 a.m. During that time you will hear the tornado sirens and see a severe weather crawl on your television screen. This is just a drill, but also a wonderful time to practice what you would do in the event a tornado was headed your way. If you aren`t sure of what to do during a tornado, please review the tornado safety tips below:

- Get to the lowest floor of your home, preferably a basement- If you don`t have a basement, find the most interior room of your home|a room with as many walls between you and the outside as possible.- Evacuate mobile homes immediately!- If outside, get to a safe shelter.- As a last resort, go to a ditch.- Stay tuned to a NOAA Weather Radio. If you do not have one, you can find them at such retail outlets as Bi-Lo, Walgreens, WAL-MART, and Radio Shack.

Remember that if you have any weather questions, or need help programming your NOAA Weather Radio, the SkyWACH Weather Team is happy to help. Just e-mail Justin Kier, Henry Rothenberg, or Katy Kramer.

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