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      Stepping to stardom

      Columbia, S.C.(WACH)--Some Midlands dancers are dancing their way to the top.

      Columbia City Jazz Dance School is a non-profit organization that has been giving dancers an outlet to express their emotions through movement for years.

      The opportunity has recently opened new doors for two young Midlands men.

      Joshua Alexander, 19, has been selected to compete in Fox's reality show So you think you can Dance?

      "Trying out is something I've always wanted to do," said Alexander. "I can't believe I'm actually doing this."

      Alexander is excited to be a part of something big and says Dale Lam, Columbia City Jazz, is a big part of his success.

      "She didn't end up being my dance teacher," said Alexander. "She ended up being my dance mom."

      Lam has been working in the world of dance for years, she treats her students as if they were her own.

      "It's also learning through who you are as a human being through dance." said Lam.

      Daniel Gaymon, 18, is has been with the dance company for a long time, and has also been selected as a contestant on the hit reality show.

      "I want to learn from other dancers and instructors," said Gaymon. "and diversify my skills."

      Tune in to So you think you can dance? on WACH Fox Wednesday nights at 8 to watch the young dancers step their way to stardom.

      For a list of classes and local shows presented by Columbia City Jazz, click here.