Stolen trailer limits basketball team's success

BLYTHEWOOD, SC (WACH) -- A Midlands wheelchair-bound basketball team is looking for their stolen trailer that was equipped with more than basketballs.

The Limitless Sports team's trailer was stolen Wednesday night. Coach Johna Sutton describes the trailer as white, 6'x12' and with the Limitless logo on the sides and the Richland County Recreation Commission's logo on the back. Coach Sutton says she's always used the same parking space at the Blythewood Park for the last three years. Only the piece of the lock remains where the trailer used to be parked. She says she's in shock over the crime. "At first you're really hurt that someone would do this," she said.

Sutton says the trailer had about six to eight special sports wheelchairs inside along with other equipment. According to her, the total worth of the items is approximately $15,000.

Team members like Chris Pearson describes the thief as heartless. "We're disabled. All we want to do is try to get back into everyday living and for something like this to happen; it's real tragic," he said.

Other team members describe the group is not just about playing basketball, but getting together is a sort of therapy for a lot of players. Katherine Leigh Graham says a lot of newly injured players who join the team have everyday life questions and being able to connect on and off the court is special to her. "You're out with a bunch of other people on the team that have disabilities. You're not the only one out, you know the different one," she said.

Players including Pearson and Graham describe the team as more than just a group of people playing basketball. They inspire each other and have formed a strong comraderie among themselves. Pearson says he doesn't care too much about the trailer as much as he does about what's inside it. "If they got a good heart, just bring the chairs back," he said.

If you have any information on this crime, you're asked to call Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIMESC.